3-4 days. 1 for research, 1 for picture and illustration, 1-2 for posting and responding.
Students will research various regions in MI, identifying natural resources, climate and physical geography. Regions/cities include:
Detroit, Mackinac City, Traverse City, Grand Rapids, and Alpena. Students will work in groups of 3. Websites will be provided. Students will continue to add information and garden the wiki throughout the year.
1) Students will be placed in groups and assigned one of the following regions (Mackinaw City, Alpena, Traverse City, Detroit, and Grand Rapids).
2.) Websites will be provided for students to find information regarding their regions climate, natural resources and physical geography.
3.) Students will draw a map of Michigan, locate their region and add their information. There will be separate illustrations for climate, location, natural resources and physical geography.
4.) Digital pictures will be taken of illustrations and posted to the Wiki with their information.
5.) Students will have time to read other students posts and "garden" the wiki where needed.
Digital camera, paper, coloring material, computer for research of sites and to download pictures, picassa, Wiki account.

Day by Day
Day 1.
Put the students in groups and assign them their city. Give them time to look over the project and show examples.

Day 2.

Students will be researching their city and answering their inquiry question.

Groups will consist of an expert in each of the following areas: Natural Resources, Climate, and Physical Geography

Natural Resources- What are the main natural resources for your city?

Climate- What is the climate like year around?

Physical Geography- What are two geographic features that your city has?

Day 3-5

Conducting Research and Coming up with more questions.....

Roy will take the questions that students come up with and make a bulletin board focused around the questions.

Day 6 and 7. Make their glogster. With Roy's help...

Day 8. Present Glogsters to the class

Day 9. Start off with a Skype session about Native Americans to get the kids really exited about the unit.

Day 10. Groups will be given a chance to research different Native American Groups. Take notes and put them in your Native American Folder.

Day 11-14

Group 1-Chippewa
Group 2 Ottawa
Group 3 Potawatomi
Group 4 Menominee
Group 5 Huron
Group 6 Chippewa
Group 7 Ottawa
Group 8 Menominee
Group 9 Potawatomi

Your project must include the following:

1. Your tribe's name and location

2. What is your tribe's structure? What is the role of the men, women and children in your tribe? What legends or stories is your tribe know for? How did your tribe respond to the new European settlers?

3. What did your tribe use for shelter? What type of food did they eat? What type of clothing did they wear? Did your tribe use a trade or skill to help support their families?

4. How did you tribe feel when the European Settlers became their neighbor?

You may choose to present using any of the following tools:

a. power point

b. wiki page

c. audacity file

d. glogster

Early Native Americans- Pg 43-47.

How did Early Native American live off the land?


Day 11. Three fires 50-54

Day 12. The Huron-

Culminating Activity: Mrs. Heck's Cyber Michigan Museum showcase what you have learned to 2nd graders and 4th graders.

Websites for research:
Pierce Media center Michigan links: http://ww2.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Schools/Elementary/Pierce/Media+Center/Pierce+Web+Links/Michigan+Sites.htm
Detroit climate: http://www.rssweather.com/climate/Michigan/Detroit/ http://www.rssweather.com/climate/Michigan/Detroit/
Grand Rapids Climate: http://www.rssweather.com/climate/Michigan/Grand%20Rapids/
Mackinac City Climate: http://www.wordtravels.com/Travelguide/Provinces/Michigan/Climate/
Climate for all regions: http://www.worldbookonline.com/wb/Students?content_spotlight/climates/north_american_climate_michigan
Michigan Natural Resources:http://www.michigan.gov/mda/0,1607,7-125-2961_6860_7657---,00.html
Physical Geography
Within your group, choose who is going to be the climate expert, physical geography expert, and natural resource expert.
  • ‍Use the Political Map on page 23 in your Michighan social studies book to help you.

  • Each group member should draw a map of Michigan and locate your city/region on this map.
  • The physical geography expert should research the physical geographic feature of your community using the web links and physical map on page A10 in your Michigan social studies book.
  • The natural resource expert should research natural resources of the city/region using the web links and page 23 in your Michigan social studies book.
  • The climate expert should research the climate of the city/region using the web links.
  • After reserching, each person should draw a picture to illustrate their expert geography area. The final draft of the picture should be colored and show a lot of detail.
  • Write at least ONE sentence below the picture to describe your expert geography area.
  • Each group member should take a digital picture of your final drawing.
  • As a group, create a wiki page for your region. The page name should be your city/region name. Each group member will upload their own digital picture and type one sentence describing the picture.